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Here you can download my mixtapes recorded from vinyl and digital.

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A recent project has been an epic series of drum n bass mixes of various flavours – even if you don’t ‘like’ drum n bass you may find one suited to your tastes. Download them, rock them on your iPod or at your party and please feel free to pass them around. As always check the artist listings and support the artists if you like their music.

If you want to go straight for a previous club promo mixtape go for Royal Symphony of International Affairs which is a breakbeat mixtape. Though you may not like it if you don’t like breaks or dance music you will find something a little more diverse in my other listings, the older stuff being mainly hip hop, and there’s some more chilled out hip hop stuff in Erban Delights, some jazzy soulful and eclectic ‘world’ electronica in UCO and my ambient collection of celtic songs from Japanese video games and animation Celestial Moon.

Listen and enjoy! And leave a comment if you feel so inclined…